The Dog Ate My Home Work

The dog ate my homework and other poems for children is a collection of short poems combined in one book written by Aaron James. There are five illustrated poems each on a different childhood theme which will capture your imagination including one called The dog ate my homework. Each poem has six paragraphs and they all rhyme. The boys loved reading the poetry and looking for the rhyming words at the end of the sentences.

Ahaziah’s favourite poem is My New Pair of Trainers. It is about a boy who goes to a shop and chooses his favourite pair of trainers. He picks out a blue pair because blue is his favourite colour. He said he couldn’t wait to were the trainers to play football and to birthday parties. The illustrations worked well with this poem because they are vibrant and Ahaziah’s favourite trainers was the purple one with blazing fire. Micaiah liked all of them!

Micaiah’s favourite poem is The dog ate my homework. It is about a boy called Jimmy who makes excuses that his dog eats his homework everyday. It was funny and silly because dogs don’t eat books- according to Ahaziah. Micaiah liked the dog and could imagine him ripping the homework into shreds.

Other poems include School Dinners, Sports Day and First Day at School. This book is perfect for someone just starting school as it will introduce them to special events and familiar themes which happen in school. The book is easy to read and understand- I think it will be perfect for children aged 4 upwards.

We would rate the book 4 stars but would recommend to friends, family and schools. The illustrations are fantastic and every poem has humour which will will keep children engaged and start great conversations between you and your child. We reminisce on their first sports day and compared school dinners.

You can get your copy of The Dog Ate My Homework on Amazon.

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