The Frog and his Dancing Shoes

The Frog and his Dancing Shoes by Tolulope Ogunmefun

The Frog and his Dancing Shoes is a entertaining story book about a frog who has a special talent for dancing and likes to dance and entertain his friends. There is a bird in the story who is trying to steal the frogs dancing shoes but the moral at the end of the story is powerful and uplifting for young minds.

When I received this book I loved how bold, bright and colourful it is. I liked the animations and the font was very different to the other texts I have seen in children’s books. I had a quick look through it and decided that I would let Ahaziah who is 7 read to to Micaiah his brother who is 4. Ahaziah read the book and I can honestly say they absolutely enjoyed it. Micaiah was the frog in the story because he could not keep still throughout it being read to him. The moral of the story is “No matter your talent, be happy- it’s your gift”- T.Ogunmefun

As a mum who loves to encourage self confidence and positive affirmations to my children this quote alone spoke volumes not only to me, but the boys as they kept shouting it at the end of the story. I was proud that this was the quote that stuck with them and they were able to take such a powerful message away with them.

Ahaziah’s favourite part of the book is when it is snowing, he liked seeing snow on the frogs dancing shoes. I asked him which part of the book is most like him, and he said when the frog is swinging through the trees because he loves to climb and swing in trees.

Micaiah’s favourite part of the book is when the frog is dancing for his friends and they say “Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!” Micaiah likes the end of the story when it is sunny because the bird is happy, he also liked the bunny because it hops. The animations really help the story because the shadows on the animals make them come to life.

Both of the boys really enjoyed the book and would give it 5 stars, Micaiah said he would give it 7 stars! I enjoyed listening to them reading to each other. Overall I think this book is fantastic, I hope that my boys realise that they are talented and gifted because of the moral of this story.

I would recommend this book to anyone with young children.

The Frog and his Dancing Shoes is available now

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