The Hidden Treasures Within

The hidden treasures within written by Lorna Liverpool is a lovely story about a girl called Kaa’hina who visits the museum of Ancient Kemit with her school. She has has been learning about the rich history of Ancient Kemet. Kaa’hina explore magical journey back in time with her ancestors to find the hidden treasures within.

Ahaziah listened attentively to the story and enjoyed it. His favourite part is when they were reading the Egyptian writing on the ancient tablet. The hieroglyphs translated into “The greatest treasure of all are within, seek and you will find it”. He enjoyed this part because currently in Topic he has been learning about Egyptian writing and writing his own codes. I liked that this book was at Ahaziah’s level so when I was reading to him I could ask him the definition of certain words and was impressed that he knew what they meant. He also like when her Ankh started to vibrate and made her grandma appear. He said an Ankh is a type of cross and his grandma has one. He loves he cool headrest which is decorated with lots of jewels and gold. He said when the statue called her name it was kind of creepy because statues can’t talk.

Micaiah enjoyed the pictures especially the pyramid because he loves pyramids and wants to climb on one. He also liked the picture of the Nubian soldiers of Kemet. The illustrations really help Micaiah’s understanding of the story. He liked when Kaa’hina sees all her great grand mothers sitting on the mats. He said it looks like they are doing yoga.

We have a copy of ‘ A Dance to Remember’ also written by Lorna Liverpool and as soon as Micaiah saw the front cover he recognised it, he thought he knew what the book was about but confused it with the other title. I have to be honest and say that Micaiah did shut off during this story and at one point walked away and started writing. However this story was beyond his understanding so for what he listened to he listened very well. However, Micaiah was able to answer the questions at the end and he was able to correct my pronunciations of some of the Egyptian names.

I enjoyed reading this book to the boys and loved that the questions at the end which they were able to answer. I think this book is better suited for an older audience 7+. The illustrations were great, the language was a bit advance for a young child but perfect for an older child. We love this book and have read it a few times. We rate the book 5 out of 5.

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