The New Small Person

The New Small Person written by Lauren Child is a lovely story about a boy called Elmore Green who was an only child. He had the best life ever and was adored by his parents until one day a new small person came. Everyone adored the new small person and Elmore thought they adored him more than him. When Elmore watched his TV channels the new small person squawked until the chanel changed. Elmore was furious when this happened. He told his parents that he wanted the small person to go away but his parents explain that this could not happen. When the small person got bigger he started to copy everything that Elmore Green did. Every time the small person did this he would climb up to a tree so the small person could get away from him. One night Elmore Green had a nightmare and the small person was brave enough to get out of his bed and scare the scaries away. A few days later Elmore Green they started watching cartoons together and playing together, they became best friends.

Micaiah really enjoyed this story, he listened well and asked lots of questions throughout. He could discuss the emotions of the characters. He said the story is about one big person and one little person. On one page the big person was watching TV then then doorbell rang and it was a small person. He wanted to follow Elmore (the big person) because he wanted to play with him but the big person was being mean and wouldn’t let him. It was bedtime and then the big person had a nightmare, he dreamed that a scary person was catching him. He started to cry and the small person gave him a hug. The big person now was feeling happy and they became best friends. His favourite part was when the big person and little person was hugging at bed time because the small person was comforting the big person.

Ahaziah enjoyed this story and his favourite part was when they watched cartoons and played together because that those are the same things him and his brother do. He also liked when they were dressing up. He said the characters look similar. Each page has a good amount of writing and the pictures are bright and colourful. Ahaziah said you can see that the illustrations have been hand drawn because some of the colouring is out of the lines.

I enjoyed this story, I am a fan of Charlie and Lola, so when I saw this book with Elmore a black character I just had to get it. The story details the feelings and emotions that older siblings have. They get jealous, they can be mean, they can wish them away, they can not want to share but ultimately siblings tend to grow a unique bond and become each others first best friend. This book teaches that it is normal and OK to have these feelings. Not all older siblings are excited for a younger siblings to arrive.

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