What about Adjoa?

What about Adjoa written by Rachel Buabeng tells the story of a little girl called Adjoa who is welcoming a new baby baby brother to her family. She was very excited at first but then she begins feeling like everyone has forgotten about her and asks “what about me?” Mummy, daddy and family help Adjoa manage her feelings by gifting her with presents, letting her hold her brother, getting ice cream treats for dinner and a special bedtime story which was from her baby brother.

Micaiah enjoyed this story, he liked when Adjoa got her favourite pudding ice- cream and when she was read a bed time story because he loves bedtime stories. He also liked when Adjoa had a sleepover because he likes sleep overs. The illustrations were really good and complemented the story very well, Micaiah kept commenting at each page about the pictures. I asked him how does he think Adjoa was feeling about her new baby brother and he said happy.

Ahaziah liked this story as well. In his own words he said the story is about a girl called Adjoa who is having a baby brother. She was not able to go to the hospital so she slept at her aunt’s. When she saw her baby brother he got a car seat and she also wanted a car seat. When her brother got toys, she wanted toys. I asked him how does he think Adjoa was feeling and he said happy because she also got presents and jealous because she thought only the baby was getting gifts. I asked him how did he feel when he got his new brother and he couldn’t remember as it was 5 years ago, but he said he remembers getting roller skates from his brother. He said Adjoa got a gift from her brother and it was a bedtime story.

This book explores the emotions that big siblings may have towards their younger siblings. First being excited then maybe feeling a bit left out. This book would be great for someone who will become a new siblings because any worries or fears they have are answered in the book and it would start a conversation about how they are feeling and it is OK to feel the family dynamic change. When Ahaziah became a big brother I felt like it was important to gift him with something from his brother so he didn’t feel left out or jealous and till this day he still remembers. It can be hard juggling a child, a new born and hormones but it is important to make the older sibling feel special.

We loved this story, although it is a picture book I felt like there was a lot of text in comparison to other picture books we’ve read which is great. The story was lovely and there was lots to discuss. Not only does it talk about a new sibling it also gives insight to the Ghanaian culture. It talks about the choice of baby names and why particular names are chosen for babies depending on the day they were born.

We would rate this book 5 out of 5 and love having it on our book shelf.

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