Who do I see in the mirror?

Who do I see in the mirror written by Vese Aghoghovbia Aladewolu is a lovely story about a little girl who looks in the mirror and realises that there is only one of her. This story teaches self acceptance, self love and the main message that comes out of this story is for children to love the skin that they are in. This little girl loves her curly hair and her soft brown skin.

Micaiah loved this story and listened carefully. While I was reading the story on every page he stated that he loves his skin or his hair, or his lips and explained why. It actually made me smile seeing him say what he loves about his body. He said he loves his eyes because if he was blind he would not be able to see. He said he loves his legs because they make him run really fast. He also said he loves his face because he has squishy cheeks. Micaiah said if I look in the mirror I see my reflection. I asked him what is a reflection and he said another me. Micaiah noticed that the little girl has different colour bows in her hair, they match with her outfits.

Ahaziah said that this book is about a girl who she sees in the mirror. She talks about stuff around her body such as hair, body, face, skin and more. She loves talking about most of her senses- Ahaziah noticed that she didn’t talk about her ears. She really loves her body and loves everything about herself. Ahaziah said that she always says but I am not just my lips or body. I asked him what do you think she means by that and he said that she is more than just her lips, she has a pure heart. I continued to probe out of him what the moral of the story was and eventually he understood that your appearance does not define you. Ahaziah enjoyed this story but wasn’t activity listening like Micaiah. He did say at the beginning though that if you were to look behind the mirror you wouldn’t be able to see your reflection unless there is another mirror behind. Ahaziah said the illustrations look really real like you can imagine what they would look like in real life.

I feel like this book is best suited for a younger audience and would recommend reading it to small children to encourage confidence and diversity. I feel like even though Ahaziah liked this story it was beneficial for Micaiah and I loved how much he vocalised how much he loved himself. The book is a hardcover therefore it is durable for a small child. I was impressed by the message conveyed in this story and really enjoyed reading it to the boys especially with Micaiah’s reaction. Each time we turn a page and he said I love my skin etc my heart felt so full and I questioned why and he told me, it really made me feel proud. The illustrations are very detailed and compliment the story well. I am not sure if this is a book series but I look forward to reading more books from this author because this literature is very important for our children to have access to. I would rate the book 5 stars and recommend everyone have a copy on their bookshelf. Teaching children confidence, self acceptance and self love is one of the most important things that we should be exposing them too and this book does just that. Out of all the books we have reviewed this far, this has to be one of my favourites.

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