Maths in the Early Years

Learning through play is so important in the early years. Here I will show activities which I have tried with my boys. Maths in the early years includes number recognition, shape, colour, number value, measure and space. There are plenty of opportunities for learning maths through play and fun activities. These are quick simple activities that you can do at home with little preparation.


Number pocket matching

Micaiah enjoyed matching the numbered sticks with the right number pocket. He was very confident at matching. He then began to recognise the numbers and say them aloud. This is a quick simple DIY activity.


Caterpillar counting

Micaiah and I created this activity together. He really enjoyed making the spots on the caterpillars body, we counted the spots together. The purpose of this activity was for Micaiah to match buttons onto the caterpillars body. To be honest he lost interest after a while. If I were to do this again I would start with 1-5 then gradually build up.


Junk modelling shape printing

We used junk modelling materials to create shapes and printed the shapes onto paper. Another simple, cheap and fun activity.


Chinese New Year counting blocks

Lego counting blocks are a great way to recognise numbers and order them. I printed these Chinese New year numbers as it was Chinese new year so we wanted to stay within that them. However, the opportunities for different themed printable are endless. A simple fun DIY while playing with Lego or Duplo.


Birthday cake counting

This activity helps with understanding number value. Micaiah had to match the number cards next to the correct cake with the correct number of candles. We used home made valentines glitter play dough for the cake. This activity can be done 2 ways, either matching the numbers to the candles or putting the correct candles on to the cake.



When focusing on shape I tend to have a few activities as Micaiah knows his shapes quite well. We read books, use flash cards, puzzles, shape printing and shape work sheets.


Create pictures using 2D shapes

I cut shapes out free hand then got the boys to create pictures of anything, they created houses, helicopters, rockets, patterns etc. I then took a photo of some of their work and printed some off for inspiration or so they can do a matching activity. This is such a fun activity, once they have created a picture they tell me what shapes and colours they used.

NB I will be adding to this post weekly