Letter Formation and Recognition

I taught Micaiah how to spell his name and I was so proud. I then decided to teach him to recognise the letters in his name as well as form the letters in his name. Eventually I will teach him all the letters in the alphabet through these fun activities that I will share with you. One of the activities I done was a musical bump game which I don’t have a picture of but I have a video on my Instagram if you want to go and check it out. I laid out the letters of his name all over the floor, when I stopped the music I told him what letter to sit on. I also encouraged Ahaziah to play this activity with him and be the teacher which of course he really enjoyed.


Sensory letter formation in Oats

I died this oats for our sensory bin and I used it for Micaiah to begin forming letters in. This was one of the first letter formation activities we tried. He need to be directed at the beginning of this activity. You can try this activity with any sensory resource.


Sensory squishy bag

I made this squishy bag using flour, food colouring and water. I must admit though the measurements were not for this size bag so I had a squeeze a lot out to make it work. I used a ziplock bag and sellotape to keep the mixture secure. This is a great activity to get used to sensory activities and for pre writing and mark making. We used a cotton bud to make the marks on the bag. I tried this activity first because Micaiah had little interest in holding a pen and this is a perfect activity to encourage pre- writing skills without a paper and pen.


Letter recognition in oats

A simple letter recognition activity. I asked him to show me particular letters. The oats added colour and made it inviting. It also gave him a sensory experience.


Cotton bud letter writing

This was such a simple yet fun activity. I wrote out the letters in the alphabet and Micaiah went over the letters with a cotton bud using paint.


Name recognition

I created this activity to encourage Micaiah to correctly match the letters in his name. He could complete this activity with ease because it was matching. He found it too easy then decided to put the letters behind the radiator. To end the activity I would ask Micaiah to put particular letters into the envelop which was a great way to extend the activity.


Peg matching

This peg matching letter recognition activity helped him recognise the letters in his name and match them correctly. Using the pegs also helped with fine motor skills as he had to squeeze the pegs to put them on and take them off.


Letter recognition using buttons

At the time Micaiah was struggling to recognise the letter C so that week we just focused on the C. This activity can be done with any letter or number. Putting the buttons along the line of the C helped with fine motor skills and hand eye co- ordination.


Name recognition puzzle

Let me be honest, I began to create this activity and stuck everything down turned it around and the letters were back to front. Rather than starting again I tried turning the sticks around and fiddled about eventually I got there. The best way to make this activity is to use mod podge which I don’t have so I used sellotape. The activity itself is a great activity but I didn’t have the right equipment and I was also being lazy which meant there was letters at the back as well which then became confusing for him.


Name recognition puzzle

So I decided to adapt the same activity to recourses I had at home. I used cardboard and printed a picture larger with bigger letters so it wasn’t as fiddly. This was much easier but Micaiah has 2 A’s and 2 C’s in his name so although he was getting the letters in the right order the picture was not correct. This would be a perfect activity if your child doesn’t have double letters in their name.


Name recognition hands

Finally! I got there in the end with a bit of trial and error. This is the perfect activity which Micaiah completes so well. Its very basic but so easy to do and he does it before I count to 10 as a challenge.


Letter formation practice

Along with letter recognition Micaiah has been practicing his letter formation so this is what we are currently practicing. This activity is great because if there are particular letters your child finds difficult they can practice that particular letter.