Sensory Play

Sensory play is so important in early childhood development. There is so much to explore through senses. I decided to set up a regular sensory Sunday segment on my blog where I prepare a sensory activity for my boys to explore. They look forward to it now every Sunday. I put on relaxing music and leave them to it. My boys are 3 and 6 years old so sometimes Ahaziah my eldest will love to separate the colours, or write words. Micaiah my youngest does not like to get his hands messy and will need encouragement to explore. The thing with sensory play is that you can throw anything together and it works, the is no right or wrong way, everything is an opportunity to explore. The conversation we have are so wonderful.



DIY Sensory Oats

I dyed the oats with food colouring then let them dry overnight before we explored them. We used oats to play with animals. We also use it for mark making and letter recognition activities.



Shaving foam

20170108_103014shaving foam, food colouring and paint brushes. Ahaziah loved this activity. Micaiah wanted to wash his hands each time he put his hands in the shaving foam.




Coloured ice and marshmallows 

This was such a random combination but the boys really enjoyed it.I gave the boys a few ideas to choose from and they suggested ice. I wanted to make it look interesting so I dyed the ice again with food colouring then threw in some marshmallows. They boys played with this for a long time considering it was freezing. We talked about the texture, and how the ice began to melt. They made castles, birthday cakes and the north pole. I also gave them paper and they painted with the ice.




Coloured rice with kitchen utensils

It was Chinese New Year so I wanted the boys to explore chopsticks. They enjoyed the texture and asked for other utensils to accompany their play.




Rainbow spaghetti 

I used cooked spaghetti and dyed it with food colouring. I used a mixture of liquid food colouring and gel food colouring. I found that because I added water to the gel it changed the texture of the pasta. To dye the pasta I put it into ziplock bags and shook it. Ahaziah loved this activity but Micaiah was was not so keen. Ahaziah was breaking the pasta into small pieces then rolling it back into spaghetti.




Valentines themed sensory

For this sensory activity I made homemade valentines play dough with glitter. I gave them some heart shaped cookie cutters, felt hearts, heart gems and ribbon.




Birthday cake cloud dough

It was daddy’s birthday this week so a birthday cake sensory activity was perfect. To make cloud dough all you need is oil, we used baby oil but you can use cooking oil. Flour and vanilla extract to make it smell like cake. The cloud dough has an amazing texture it is so soft. We added cupcake moulds, sprinkles and candles.





Water beads

This sensory activity was such a hit. I mean water with children is a guaranteed win anyway but they played with this for 3 hours. The boys were separating the colours and pouring it back into the tray. They have been requesting it for the next day.




Dry penny pasta

I dyed penny pasta with food colouring. I gave the boys pipe cleaners, straw and string. The boys enjoyed scooping up the pasta with both hands then pouring it back into the tray. I encouraged threading by adding the string so the boys made patterns and neckless.



20170227_18295920170227_183509 (1)

Shaving foam painting 

This was one of our easter egg activities, the boys made marble easter eggs. Check it out on our easter activity blog post. The first time we used shaving foam Micaiah hated it but this time he got his hands dirty and enjoyed.




Easter sensory bin

I love how colourful this sensory play set up is. The pastel colours are inviting. It included shredded tissue paper, easter chicks, plastic filler eggs, pom poms and glitter decorative eggs. The boys loved filling up the eggs with pom poms and eggs.


Floral Soup

We made Blaze and Ninja soup. We used old flowers which the boys used scissors and cut the “ingredients” into the bowl of water. They also put food colouring and glitter. They pretended to feed their toys when they were done.


Painted Toast

Ever thought to paint toast? We now you should. This edible sensory play activity was a hit. We used milk and a few drops of food colouring to create the ‘paint’. We then used our fingers to paint and make patterns on the bread. Then we put it in the toaster. It taste great!



Foral Smash


I froze some old flowers. I then gave the boys the first task which was to get the ice cubes out of the tray. I gave them warm water to help with the process. Once this was done the next task was the release the flowers. The boys figured out how to release the flowers by mixing the cubes in the water.

Stuck in the mud

We used cornflour, hot chocolate and water the create ‘mud’ for our farm animals. Ahaziah enjoyed eating this activity a little too much. Cornflour tends to get thick so it made the animals become ‘stuck’. The boys enjoyed freeing the animals and licking them off. I know right…



Coloured Sand

We got a bottle of sand from Minnis Bay Beach. We used food colouring to colour it and it came out amazing. We made beautiful coloured sand castles.