10 travel essentials with an infant

Travelling soon with a baby?? You have come to the right page. It is fair to say that I have done a fair bit of travelling with Kaion some in groups one on my own. Travelling with a baby or infant can be scary at first but I promise you with these tips you’ll both have a wonderful time. These are things that I personally have used and find very useful.

1. Sling

Honestly a sling is a God send, I didn’t use one with the other boys but I wish I did. Its bloody brilliant! I would recommend investing in a good one to prevent any backache. Using a sling is great because you can have both hands free which is great if you have other children or you are travelling solo. Kaion loves his sling, he will happily sleep in there- he used to hate being in the buggy. Being in the sling helps keep baby close, who doesn’t want their baby close to them.

2. Buggy

I think bringing a sling is just as important as bringing the buggy even if your child particularly doesn’t like it, its better to have options, the sling can always go at the bottom of the buggy when not in use. When travelling on  plane you can check the buggy in with luggage- I always went for this option and went hands free with the sling through the airport. You can also take your buggy to the gate with you.

3. Travel Bassinet

I am a bit funny when it comes to laying my child in someone else’s cot, even though I bring my own sheets etc. I decided to buy my own travel bassinet which pops up ready to use, I found this particularly useful when he was younger. You can bring it to the park, beach, pool, BBQ, family house you name it, pop it up and the child can sleep in it. It folds away nicely and can be placed in hand luggage and under the buggy. I found it very useful during travelling because he could lay comfortably rather than sitting upright in a car seat. It comes with a UV net as well as insect net, when staying in hotels I used to put it on the bed with me or inside the travel cot.

4. Lap seat

This is perfect for when a child is beginning to sit up and once they can sit, I used to take it to restaurants so I could eat in somewhat piece. Kaion likes to be in everything so it was great that he could sit at the table with me, it was also handy on the plane when seatbelt signs were off because he was secure and I could attend to the other boys. I also use it at home when doing homework with the boys and Kaion can just chill with his toys. It fits easily into a changing bag and comes with attachment straps for teethers or dummy.

5. Food/ Snacks

Kaion was exclusively breastfed up until 6 months this meant feeding him wasn’t hard at all. Once he turnt 6 months I realised that he needs snacks and food. If you read my weaning blog You would know how much I am trying going for a all natural, organic no plastic lifestyle lol this is very difficult when travelling and I learnt the hard way. Our first trip when weaning we went to Germany I got him bananas to eat on the go but I feel like it wasn’t enough. For Switzerland I was more prepared and brought fruit pouches, I cannot bring myself to give him food pouches (just my preference) but the fruit ones worked a treat. We was only away for 3 days so it wasn’t too bad him eating fruit however if I went for longer it wouldn’t have been substantial so i’ll probably be going back to the drawing board soon. I also brought snacks from Ella’s Kitchen like rice cakes and carrot sticks. The brands I used for the pouches were Ella’s Kitchen and Piccolo. The great thing about fruit pouches is that you can eat them on the go, you don’t need to heat them or use a spoon. The snacks were great when we were on the bus and he was getting a bit fidgety. This trip was much more successful knowing he had meals.

6. Rucksack changing bag

Rucksack bags are really popular, again it means that you can be handsfree and if you are carrying baby in a sling it can balance out the weight. This changing bag is big but has so much compartments which makes travelling with a baby easier as everything has a place and you can grab and go. These bags are great, they come in a variety of colours and styles.

7. Toys

Anything that is small and lightweight is perfect to travel with, I found teething toys worked a treat. I used a little cosmetic type bag to store and transport his bits in. His toys were great distractions on trains, coaches, planes and even in hotel rooms so you can shower in peace!

8. 4 wheel suitcase

If you are doing a solo trip I would recommend a 4 wheel suitcase, it is so easy to push or pull the suitcase while pushing a pram, there is also no risk of it topping over when left upright.

9. Request a bassinet

Depending on the airline (bar low cost airlines) you can request an infant bassinet this is for long haul flights only. Most airlines reserve extra legroom seats when a booking is made with an infant but always double check. These can be free or you may need to pay a fee.

10. Humidifier

I travel with my humidifier and essential oils. A humidifier itself is great to bring because you can moister the room as hotel rooms can be dry. I usually bring tea tree/ eucalyuputas and lavender essential oils just incase he starts teething or he starts to get a cold.

I hope you find some of these tips useful, comment below any other tips you may have when travelling with an infant???




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