Corfu April 2016

For the Easter Half term I took the boys to Corfu. It was a cheap and cheerful trip costing about 600 for all of us flight and hotel. Corfu is such a beautiful country, so picturesque. The beaches are amazing. We stayed in the Ariti Grand hotel which was right by the airport so we had the opportunity to see planes land and take off right on our balcony. The outdoor pool was closed which I didn’t realise until we got there and they did not have an indoor pool. They also did not have any entertainment for children. The dates we stayed there was 300 students staying at the same time so it was noisy. Other people complained that they were ringing and knocking there doors through the night. However it didn’t bother the boys and I.


Palaiokastritsa Beach was the highlight of the holiday for me. The view was breathtaking and the weather was amazing. Micaiah is not keen on water as much as Ahaziah but he is very happy playing in the sand, or in this case throwing pebbles into the sea.


Ahaziah in the water, he could spend all day here. We went on tour which showed us all the amazing view points in Corfu. It was a day for amazing photos. Breath taking and beautiful. At each point Ahaziah kept saying to me “Wow, Mummy do you want to get married here?”


On the Corfu tour we went to the highest point and saw these views. If we wasn’t on a time limit I could spend all day here. Sitting down and reflecting.


The boys and I love a good sunset, it is so relaxing to watching and of course who doesnt love a cheeky sunset photo. We walked down towards Kanoni and watched the sun set opposite.


Here you can see Kanoni in the back, the white building. It is the most photographed place in Corfu along with Mouse Island. You are able to walk over a narrow passageway which goes on top of the water to get to Kanoni, there is a small church and a small gift shop. We also took the boat over to Mouse Island. It is lovely little Island to relax on for a few hours because it is quiet.


The plane landing at Corfu airpot. Beautiful clear water, skies and greenery, that is what Corfu is known for.


We visited the Old Fortress and climbed all the way to the top. Again the views from here were amazing. The boys enjoyed climbing up to where that cross is. We sang along the way and played games.


Clay Pots is a tradition during the Easter in Corfu, you can buy them and decorate them then you throw them on the floor from a balcony level. The noise from the breakage is to scare evil spirits away.


Corfu Old Town was a 20 min bus ride from the hotel. We enjoyed walking around the old town it has a lot of history. On the last day it rained all day, but when it stopped we took to bus into Corfu town. I decided to give myself and the boys a challenge. Rather than rushing back to the hotel to do nothing we decided to walk all the way back. It was really nice to walk at our own pace. Wander through the town, look at the beauty of Corfu. Walk on the side streets and just reflect on a wonderful holiday we had. We even walked pass some sheets in a field. Thankfully we did not get lost and made it back to the hotel.

Overall Corfu was a lovely holiday, because we travelled out of season plenty of the attractions were closed, even the water sports. Due to this I feel like 5 days would have been more than enough to spend there. Going during summer months I could stay for longer as there would be more to do.

Until next time Corfu…..


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