City break in Amsterdam

For my friends birthday she wanted to go to Amsterdam for a few days, Ive never been and it has always been somewhere i’ve wanted to go so thought why not. We went mid week, Wednesday to Friday and we got a really good deal. We paid about £50 for flights and we stayed in Meininger Hotel in Amsterdam, it was affordable, clean and comfortable, just what we needed for 2 nights.


When we got to Amsterdam Schiphol airport we had to take a picture with the I Am Amsterdam sign of course. We then brought a 3 day travel card which allowed unlimited travel on the train, bus and tram. I love travelling on public transport in other countries I think it is the best way to see the country, and of course it is affordable.


We then headed to the hotel which was 3 stops from the station. We put our bags down and went out. Amsterdam central station was one stop away from the hotel so it was very convenient. We went to get something to eat then we went on a boat trip along the canal which was really nice and informative. The Amsterdam Light festival takes place during the winter so if you visit during the winter be sure to check it out.



These bikes are real bikes which was rescued from the canal. The waterfalls and the colours looked so pretty the way it reflected into the water.


The Bulldog coffee shop is very popular in Amsterdam. After the canal we went back to the hotel to get changed for the evening. We went back to Amsterdam central and of course we had to visit the bulldog to get the full Amsterdam experience. We then headed to a club but because it was midweek the club was not that great. I have heard great things about Amsterdam night life so I would go back again.

Day 2


Sex Museum

A very eventful and busy day. We started off by going to breakfast and heading to the sex museum. It was about 4 euros and I did find it very interesting surprisingly. There was a lot to see. We then got a combo ticket deal for Red Light Secrets which is the museum of prostitution and Amsterdam Ice Bar.

We walked along the Red Light district during the day, we saw a few women at first I found it exciting because Ive always heard about the Red Light District, it was a new and an experience. We then went inside Red Light Secrets which was mind blowing. You was able to see videos of how it would feel like to be in a window and men approaching you. There was rooms so you felt like you was there. But there was confessions and history of why some of the women went into prostitution. Some women were brought over via trafficking, promised a life and were thrown into it. It was so sad because for some women it was not there choice.

We left there and found Primark. Now guys I don’t know which was the highlight the Primark or Red Light Secrets. The Primark was amazing there was so much and so many floors.

We then went to Glow Golf which was good fun, you get 3D glasses which I found a bit annoying, I don’t like 3d movies but other that that it was a good activity to kill a few hours.


We then went back to the hotel and got ready for the evening, we headed to Ice Bar and took the tram from Amsterdam Central station. In the ticket we brought it included 1 cocktail and 2 shots which was good value for money. We then left, got something to eat then went back to the Red Light District. It was a real eye opener, it was so sad and I wanted to take all the women out, they were so pretty and deserve so much more. It made me count my blessings.

Day 3


We didn’t do much this last day but here I am admiring the Dutch culture and lifestyle. They ride bikes everywhere, one thing I would have loved to do is cycle but I don’t think my heart can take it right now. Hopefully when I go back I will give it a go. Another thing I found amazing was the fact that there was no railings along the canal, pretty scary but the Dutch children are used to it.


Souvenirs, not real cannabis but good for tourist.


Overall Amsterdam was a brilliant experience, I learnt a lot and enjoyed myself. It was definitely a well deserved break away. Until next time


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