Cyprus February 2016


We travelled to Cyprus Larnaca during the winter season so alot of the attractions were closed. The area we stayed was actually a ghost town, I think 3 shops were open the whole time we was there. It was very quiet but it meant that we could enjoy the beaches to ourselves.

We were blessed to have some beautiful weather while we were there. The hotel was a lovely and they had some excursions that we could book with them. One of the days we went to a farm where the boys could ride a donkey. Ahaziah the animal lover enjoyed it but Micaiah was not too keen.


We went to a farm where there was fresh juice to buy and orange picking. We went to Famagusta the old town and to a chocolate factory. We saw a few museums and churches. Cyprus had really nice natural backdrops for me to take photos of the boys.


Just look at that sunset. Those palm trees. The beach it was all so beautiful. We took a private jet boat and had a tour guide take us to see the sea caves of Ayia Napa and the Blue Lagoon. It was all so beautiful, we didn’t bring our swimwear so wasn’t able to swim in the Blue Lagoon.



After the boat ride we went and relaxed on Grecian Beach, the boys enjoyed playing in the sand. We spent a few hours there it was relaxing.


Grecian Beach Ayia Napa

I done my research before travelling a found a Camel Park in Mazotos. We took a bus and went there for the day. There was a few things that we could do and could easily spend half a day there. There was a few rides, a pool, animal petting and camel rides. Both of the boys enjoyed. It was defiantly worth the trip up there.


Cyprus had the best sunset and I saw my first ever sunrise. I am not a morning person but I set my alarm on the last day just to see it. It was definitely worth missing sleep over.


We stayed in Protaras and Ayia Napa was the closest area to us with more shops open so we went there a few times. We went to a few beaches but Nissi Beach had to be my favourite. It was so clean and the water was clear the children were able to just play because it was shallow. Because it was winter season and we were literally the only ones on the beach it was so easy to relax and watch our children because they were the only ones there.


Nissi Beach


We stayed at Constantinos the great beach hotel. It was amazing, the food was great, the rooms were spacious, the staff were friendly and accommodating and the views were amazing. Natural photo backdrops I got so many beautiful photos of the boys. The hotel was on the beach and we had a seaview room which was nice to wake up to.


Cyprus you was good to us, we came, saw and conquered. Until next time.


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